hoverboard regen braking

think i found out hoverboards do use regenerative braking, i’ve discovered after adding a boost converter behind the battery to keep it at 42 volt , this to avoid the empty battery beeping when it starts dropping  ;and purely rely on the bms  . after converting the hoverboard to an electric scooter, i did full throttle forward then backward, no problem, but with the boost converter , blew the mainboard since the braking current couldnt be passed (anyway i think that was the reason ) after reversing from a full speed forward (wheels off the ground ) – to use the original controller before the ebike controlelr i plan to use arrives in my mail,  i’ve just bridged the gyroboard ‘s wires left and right to one board. (keep in mind the board has to be horizontally mounted) then bridged a no/nc switch to the ‘ E ‘  side of one of the sensors – the other side ” D ” would works aswell but then it would be daylight sensitive and have to be kept in the dark  –  the hall sensor can also be tricked by bridging them, if you’d like to use only one instead of two wheels.. anyway

-update, the ebike controller has arrived, to enable regen on it i followed the post  Regen (pad X on pc board) was not brought out on either of the ones I bought.Ran regen through ebrake lever switches to ground for regen.


from https://www.endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=29469&start=615 – wich made it ok

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