OCULUS GO no backlight and new battery fix

the backlight has traces 1 2 3 and a common , and takes 22~volt to light up – if you tear the battery cable (oops) when dissasembling the go, get a 4 pin battery from an old camera , attach thermistor and data id pad , and the 4.2v ground and positive. to the pads show on the picture and you wont be stuck with a dead vr headset . the things are just android phones,o so you can get your own apps on them, to do so become a developer on oculus website , enable it on the oculus app on yr phone aswell and now you can sideload with adb the apk ‘s straight and run them from the headset librairy – ( link https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4032960/how-do-i-get-an-apk-file-from-an-android-device/4033005

trinusvr won’t do vr on it, it wil just run winowed and unuseable this wayg

you can use any boost converter module off ebay to get the 22 volts, if it can supply the current. place a swicth at its power feed and close back up and done

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