send telenet cable tv channels over home network to all ( home) devices

dont use vrt nu vtm go or etc. using up your precious monthly telenet data usage limit , if you’re already paying for a cable subscription with telenet, and like me dont have enough gigabytes to use every month to spend plenty on television apps or websites- you can install one of these and look at 25 channels trough the app VLC, on al your computes tablets , maybe even tv’s or any other supporting ( oculus go 😉 )devices, not using up the ‘ telemeter’ at all, by using a dvb-c decoder what supports ‘ streaming over ethernet (local) lan network’ – i ordered this one to test, more info about it functions coming soon ( it doesnt support telenet ci+ cards like some other standalone decoders with streaming function migh possibly offer , its just that i am ok with digiboxes/corders to reasonable degree till this point and 25 sd ( who needs HD r 4K, yet? ) channels on the computer wich i’m on without even turning on the tv in the room ,is already nice

edit 18-5 : got both now / the qviart is alot quicker to show it’s web-interface menu’s as the zgemma is; after switching to openatv instead of the Linux distro it was standardly running on, it supported a telenet v1.0 ci+card and all i functional without hangups or loss of sound- its worth mentioning even without a decoding card for the encrypted channels , its also some little more comfotable , in term of not waiting 4 lost seconds to show the programs and channels list. you’re probably going to save the .m3u8 links to the channels on your desktop and not search them in the boxes menu every time again, so it might not really matter in the end. anyway if you ‘d buy one of these to test it out, probably best make sure you set a root password on the box. as i’ve read it should be also doable to put the streams into plex, what i’ve so far not used, and from therein look at the program guide and watch the channels, but as i’ve understood by research it’d demand a 5$ subcription lately, i’m stil gonna look into it

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